born on june 17th, 2001 in capelle aan den ijssel, raised in rotterdam. never finished middle school like a pleb and currently clickidy-clackin on my 'puter doing (mostly) productive stuff. i enjoy sharin some of that stuff with the wider public 'cause someone else might like it too. i'm passionate 'bout making wotever visions i have a reality and i get giddy with excitement over dumb stuff.

about basement schnitzel: i dunno. alter ego, online identity, 's up to you. while i've gone under other names and have been on the net since 'round 2007, this one has a miniscule presence, i think. name has no real meaning, i like basements and the idea of there being some rancid abandoned schnitzel in one tickled me.

vidya games: middens/gingiva/where they cremate the roadkill, lisa, guilty gear (xx), spore, lsd dream emulator, yume nikki, rayman (2/3), silent hill (1/2), postal 2, metal slug, pizza tower, warioware, dezatopia, the binding of isaac (among other things)

choons: here's playlist of my favorite choons 'cause i'm very picky

movies/series: dorohedoro (the manga), new kids turbo/nitro, a clockwork orange, smiling friends, the big lez show, yellow submarine, interface

creators: don hertzfeldt, ben wheele, cool 3d world, felix colgrave, u m a m i, meatsleep, pilotredsun, nana825763

general: cooking, fishing, farm & aquatic animals, digimon, YTP(MV)s (i would put art and music in here but everyone likes those in some shape or form and i'm not exactly that educated on both)

• ma favorite color is yellow

• i got a stone insidda one my fingers

• i draw wit ma mouse

• i shat on the floor once

where did ye learn how to do (thing)?

in my home (with some help from the interwebs, 'course)

tools of the trade?

sai, fl studio, sony vegas 13,

ya do commissions?

nope, sorry mang

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