created in 1954, dordrecht, the frikandel is a fatass sausage made of poultry scraps, pork, the occasional horse meat, and with a tinge of breading and spices is then deep fried. as a frikandel connoisseur i think my rating is blatantly obvious.


it's just fucking chocolate sprinkles on buttered bread. most of the time. there's other flavors but i'm still gonna have to give it a 3/10 (i will gladly be crucified for this)


's a thin waffle with syrup inside, hailing from gouda (the place, not the cheese, also it's not pronounced "gooda" you stupid git), nothing too special. you've probably heard of it already. 5/10


a deep fried ball containing a mixture of roux, beef stew and meat. No strict origin on where it exactly came from. if you eat this without a tub of mustard i'll wrangle ye. 10/10


not strictly dutch... it's a bunch of mashed vegetables. with a massive smoked sausage if you're lucky. the belgians can have this one. 2/10


i could call it the fish-based version of chicken nuggets. it's battered, deep fried fish with a variety of possible sauces, couldn't find the exact origin though but nonetheless a 9/10 (please mcdonkies bring back the mckibbeling, PLEASE)


more deep fried balls!!! simply spheres made of dumpling batter and raisins, deep fried, thereafter sprinkled with icing sugar. 's good ol tradition to eat these around new years eve. i don't like them though. 4/10


pickled herring. sometimes with onions. traditional stuff. personally 1/10


thought up in 1969, haastrecht, kaassoufflés are puff pastries covered in breading, stuffed with cheese and deep fried. i mean it's just deep fried cheese, what more could you want in life... 10/10


no introduction needed for this one, just look at it: