in the making since last year, it has concluded(?)

at a location i recently stopped going to after replacing it with something else, out of boredom i came up with the idiotic idea of putting up the image shown here at several different rooms in secret (it wouldn't be a secret for long, i was half-assing it). speaks for itself.

after a complaint about the one in the women's bathroom, i thought of a solution: make it a positive message (still in character, of course).

someone handed me the idea of going for equality by sneaking into the men's bathroom and leaving something in there too.

as predicted it became a cat-and-mouse game of removal and replacement. it went on for about two weeks. i don't know where else to mention this but someone was asked to talk to me about this and he already knew about anime-adjacent dogshit so he saw it for what it was and no hubbub was made. if it adds anything he said it reminded him of the borgs (i know fuck-all about star trek, so take that as you will).

then i started thinking bigger. there is a political office right next to this building. what if i slap something on the window there? could i get away with this?

after talking it out with a techy guy it made me reassess because there's cameras everywhere and i'd get my ass handed to me if they took it seriously. a bummer, i know, at least imagining the possible aftermath was funny.

so instead of something new, how about i just do it BIG? cover up the whole place? this is when i would sneak into the office and print out as many copies as possible, also one with another quote that, again, works itself out by being perfectly relevant, some fucking how.

i didn't get to do it as i couldn't be bothered getting up and being there before everyone else. eventually life caught up and i never returned...

until this week. someone there really wanted to see me one more time, sure why not, i want to get it over with, hope the people there won't make a big deal about me leaving. i waltzed in, they put up decorations, got some paper cups and plates that fit my shitty sense of humor. got me free food, we reminisced over the 6 years i've been there, finished our in-jokes, ya get it. the person that invited me to come over along with someone else had a speech; they mentioned the "nice balls" image, i told them i had a revelation, smacked the shit i've been printing out on the table. FUCKING ~70 OF THEM.

both the people who got to see it when it was happening and the ones that didn't had a look at it, someone took one and hanged it on their desk, another asked about it and we proceeded to talk about fightey games for a while. i wondered if i should take the leftovers home, however apparently they had other ideas on what to do with 'em so i left them to it.

that ended surprisingly well? i think the positive response stemmed from the people at the table happening to know me well enough to be aware that i occasionally pull this kind of bullshit as opposed to those i barely interacted with thinking it was something more serious than a stupid fucking quote from some old game only me and my friends like.